Japanese Beauties

Japanese Beauties




The first thing I noticed about Japan was the excellent weather. Japan has an impeccable landscape and littering here would be equivalent to sacrificing your firstborn on the Disney Channel. The weather in Japan can only be compared to, that of San Diego’s weather, perfect. The people here will not notice you, in the way you are accustomed to being noticed, but trust me they are aware of your surroundings. Don’t get me wrong, you will not encounter many rude situations, just encountering a situation is shocking in itself. Ok… Ok…Japanese Beauties is what were here to talk about. When arriving to Tokyo after getting through the frustration and confusion of the subway system, you will finally get a chance to observe your surroundings. First thing I noticed was the silence. While walking to the subway all I heard was the shuffling of feet, and a few random Japanese words. These people all seem to be on a mission and every second wasted, is money lost. The women all dress extremely fashionable here. If you plan on visiting Japan, you must be willing to commit yourself to the latest fashions, and also be daring enough to wear them. The women that dress the craziest come in all ages. I saw a Japanese woman in a skin tight leopard body suit and she would not crack a smile. The one thing that holds common with these Japanese Beauties, is that they all hold their deep rooted “serious” culture driven mannerisms first and foremost over their wild dress and suggestive stylings. The hard part is breaking that barrier and talking to them. Japanese people rarely understand English, as they seem above the rest of the world in learning other languages. If you go to Roppongi Tokyo, you have a real good chance in running into an English speaking Japanese woman. Roppongi is known as a red light district, with many strip clubs and massage parlors. If you want to pick up a Japanese Beauty here, try Gas Panic bar. This is where Japanese women whom like foreigners love to travel. I found a few girls here, and they are anxious to try out their English skills as well as meet men. Japanese women expect you to do the work, much different from their Thai counterparts in Thailand. Japanese women, will shock the hell out of you in the bedroom, some of these girls are a bit twisted, but in a good way. Japan is known for it’s amazing views, culture and beautiful women. However, they actually have male hosts here whom “wine and dine” girls as their job. That’s right, male hookers. These guys might be the best people to “benchmark” as they are very aware of the stylistic culture that resides in Japan. The women who go here, as a final twist our often prostitutes themselves…..Again what??? Why would a prostitute go see another prostitute when she gets off work. These male hosts have their routine down so pat, that apparently their actions are exactly what most Japanese women are interested in. The hosts are Japanese men, whom wear the right clothes and style themselves for young women. They make their money on the women buying them drinks or bottle service, and they end up sleeping with them. Unless you are Japanese, there is little to no market for you to become a host, so keep dreaming.


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