Are there good girls in Pattaya? Sure there are, it’s just that with Pattaya’s reputation why take the risk. If you’re not familiar with Pattaya than it’s a popular destination in Thailand for Sex tourism. While I am neither here nor there on this subject, if that’s what your looking for than prepare yourself for an amazing time out on the town with girls, drinks, shows and pretty much anything else you want to find, especially on Walking Street.

pattaya girlsHowever if you meet your girl in a online forum and she lives in Pattaya, be forewarned that she is well aware of what this city is known for. If you tell a girl you are visiting Thailand and you plan to go to Pattaya, than she will think you are arriving there for Sex Tourism. However, if you meet a girl online and she lives in Pattaya, you should also be aware she lives in an area where Thai women whom work regular jobs only make 6-9 dollars a day, whereas as the average bar girl makes ten to twenty times that or more. So keep in mind that Pattaya Girls are more apt to be after your wallet than your heart. Pattaya is to Thailand, much like what Vegas is to America. I think it looks more like Freemont street in Las Vegas, but with alot more women. However, back to the girls of Pattaya. The women here are from all over Thailand, but you find that most come from small farm areas in Issan. Which brings me to another point. When visiting Pattaya, you will most likely run into just bar girls or Prostitutes, so take into consideration that although they are witty quick and fun to be around, they don’t have the education levels you might be used to. This does not constitute that Thai women are not educated, which is sometimes the view of the “farang” or foreigner when visiting

Thailand as a Sex Tourist in Pattaya. Another thing to remember is most of us are English speakers, and while most Thai women can speak English, it’s not as strong as other parts of Asia like The Philippines. Thai’s rarely tell you they don’t understand something, as they don’t want to appear stupid, so you constantly wonder why this girl is giving you a Mango drink instead of Sam Miguel light. If was to suggest places where I wanted to meet Thai women for a long relationship, I would pick areas like Hua Hin, or Bangkok, as long as she is far from Sukhumvhit rd.