Dating Online Sucks Try Travelling Abroad


If you ask a sample size of 1000 men if they had a good experience of dating women online, around 78 percent would say “No.” and that dating online Sucks.  Why choose the online platform than? Well, dating people at work usually turns into a poor decision. The first being, that if something goes wrong, there you are, you have to see her every single day, and deal with the other employees whom eventually hear of this passing rumors around your workplace, which will eventually lead to more and more rumors about you and your personal life, not to mention you have to see her and deal with her everyday.  Date people from bars?  Small selection, and if you pick her up there, chances are your getting a girl that many have picked up.  The online site is looking better and better.   (more…)

thai girl

Will She Stay The Same As She Was When She Lived Overseas


This is the famous question that forums neglect to concentrate on.  I recently got married to a girl whom lived in Thailand, while we were there she was the most wonderful thing in the world.  She cooked, cleaned, and even bathed me.  The grooming process was happening.  I knew it, but I also wanted to know what things she would culturally keep and what would she let go of when she lived with me back in the States.   (more…)

90 day

90 day fiance visa | Ninety Days to Turn a Date Into Forever


If you happen to be one of the guys whom travels the world and stumbles upon the “right” girl, than congrats you are not alone.  The question is now what to do with her when you depart her country, only to fly back home and start the daily grind at work with no one but yourself.  You might continue to communicate with her, and decide that continuing the relationship, just might be marriage.  Sounds crazy?  Not really.  Welcome to the K1 Visa. (more…)

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Jobs In Thailand For Farang | How to Survive Your Move To Thailand


Should you decide to make the steps to move to Thailand, be prepared to undergo “relocation Chemo” or the social differences that make a difference in ones life, when he or she gives up their own cultural identity and adapts to another. If you move to Thailand, your number one challenge will be understanding and accepting major Cultural differences, and finding a career that will support your stay. (more…)

Thai Gold Digger

How to Avoid A Relationship Based On Money in Thailand | Thai Girl Gold Digger


The women of Thailand carry a horrible reputation. It is well documented in the Western world that Thai women are notorious for Gold digging. I believe there is some obvious merit to this argument. However, that merit does not always examine all the variables especially when it comes to logical comparisons. The first variable is socioeconomic. Where does the girl to be, come from? Did she grow up educated? (more…)

Pattaya STD

Pattaya Girls and STD’s


Dating and STD’s

One of my initial fears while traveling abroad, was the inability to get sufficient healthcare. When traveling to remote locations off the beaten path, this can be a harsh reality. When traveling in undeveloped areas of Thailand or the Philippines, make sure your well-equipped with proper medications and quick fixes.  If you’re in centralized areas there is no need for worry. A matter-of-fact in areas such as Thailand, you can find some of the best healthcare services in the world. For the purpose of this article we will concentrate on healthcare issues related to dating. If your ventures in dating are truly successful you might run into the topic presented below. (more…)
Dating Abroad Downside

The Downsides of Dating Abroad | A Somewhat Hypocritical Look At Dating Abroad


First a little bit about me and my background before I make my statement.  I work in the Casino Industry, and cater to mostly people traveling in from Asia. 75 percent from all over China, 10 percent from Vietnam and lets say 15 percent from the other Asian locations. These are obviously rough estimates. I meet people with their guard down as their money is at risk. I see everything about them as a dealer, how risk aversive they are, what their policy is on being gratuitous and how their demeanor changes when losing or winning very large wagers. I watch what they wear when they have casino credit of more than 25 million dollars. I can fully break down an Individual simply by dealing to them for 8 or more hours, and do so with a fairly predictable outcome as to what they will say or do. I, like Winston from (, also travel abroad to get away from the “sickness” we have here in our Country, but I am starting to come to the realization that the places I travel to, i.e Thailand and the Philippines also contain the elements of the same sickness, but it is disguised much better. (more…)

HIV Test Kit

How To Test Your Date For HIV | HIV Test


The number one biggest scare for a guy travelling overseas and having sex with many partners is contracting an STD and the leader of that pack is HIV or AIDS.  Within the last 6 months that worry can now be laid to rest, as a new over-the-counter product known as OraQuick selling at 40 bucks a pop is available for you.   What is this new product?  Oraquick is a 20 minuite saliva based home HIV test kit.  The first approved test kit for home use and to fully test for HIV. (more…)

Media Center

Free Cable and Movies to Watch with Your Date While Overseas


This might be a bit off the beaten path, but the one thing that would IRK me is that when I closed a girl abroad for a night cap at my room, I did not have the proper Media to keep her entertained, or at Bay when pulling the moves.  You must create an atmosphere, even if the room is nice, and the location is great, the bedroom should have an activity before sex, something to make her comfortable.  (more…)

Realtouch Model

How To Have Virtual Sex Online With Your Girlfriend using Real Touch Technology


It’s here. The best Idea ever, and the only reason I found it was because I came up with it myself one day and tried too google this amazing idea of being able to have Virtual Sex Online with my Girlfriend from Overseas.  My Idea was to create a masturbation device, that you could put on your cock, and plug into your computer, while watching your girlfriend online using Skype or some video program. (more…)

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